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Para pesquisadores em Arte

USP Collections Research Program
NOTICE 2012-2013
USP is the trustee of several collections of inestimable historical, scientific or cultural 
value. The access to this material should be encouraged and facilitated to the benefit 
of society. The use of such material by outside researchers who visit USP allows 
significant increase of its scientific and cultural value. Thus, in addition to providing 
access to its collections, USP starts supporting young researchers interested in working 
in projects involving the collections from its following institutions: Museum of 
Contemporary Art (MAC), Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE), Museum 
Paulista (MP), Museum of Zoology (MZ), Maritime Biology Center (CEBIMar) and 
Institute of Brazilian Studies (IEB). 
The present USP Collections Research Program, under responsibility of the Dean's 
Office for Research, the Dean's Office of Graduate Studies, and the Dean's Office for 
Cultural and Extramural Activities, offers individual support to researchers, willing to 
develop studies on the collections of USP Museums, the Institute of Brazilian Studies or 
CEBIMar, for a minimum of three to an maximum of five months. (...)


A Universidade de São Paulo acaba de lançar um programa de bolsas para pesquisadores
e  interessados nas Coleções de seus Museus (edital anexo). 
O link para maiores detalhes é:

Agradeço se puder circular esta informação.


Cristina Freire

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