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Site legal para se atualizar no que rola lá fora em termos de produção e eventos relativos à arte contemporânea.

e-artnow: Create your own announcement + Opening reminder

e-artnow is an electronic information service distributing selected e-mail announcements related to contemporary visual arts. e-artnow is an artists' initiative founded in january 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic. We provide an independent and competitive alternative to the existing electronic e-mail art news distribution with a Do It Yourself philosophy – You create your own announcement online: we send it out. We send out your exclusive e-mail announcement on the date you wish + we include you in our weekly Opening Reminder e-mail announcement.

We care about the content of our announcements and provide our growing community of +55.000 worldwide readers specialized in contemporary visual art with substantial and relevant information. Each submitted announcement is carefully considered regarding artistic quality, relevance and content.
We welcome art institutions (museums, art centers, art schools), galleries, biennales, art fairs, magazines, non-profit organizations as well as independent curators and artists to announce new exhibitions, publications, events, calls for applications, residencies, projects etc.

Database demographics = +55.000 visual arts professionals:

44% in Europe, 42% in North America and 14% Other (South America, Australia, Asia etc.)
20% artists, 18% museum affiliated, 14% curators, 14% writers/critics, 12% galleries, 6% consultants, 6% art students, 5% collectors, 5% general art public.

Price information

e-artnow offers new clients one first free of charge trial e-mail announcement. If you wish to use e-artnow again we have a single rate of 150 euro for each future announcement. You can also buy a pre-paid package of 5 announcements for the price of 500 euro. There is no time limit for using the 5 announcements. If you want to buy a package of 5 announcements please send us an e-mail so that we can send you the payment information and an invoice. If you want to do a single announcement you do not need to contact us before creating the announcement: just create your announcement online and submit it at least one week before you want us to distribute it. If your institution or the hosting institution has already used e-artnow previously we will send you an invoice of 150 euro which has to be paid before we distribute your announcement.

Mais informações: http://www.e-artnow.org/about/

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