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F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich

F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich

F+F Program Overview
F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich

The F+F School was founded in Zurich in 1971 and has since played a pioneering role in Swiss art education. The school experimented early on with performance, video and the new media and became increasingly well-established as a professional educational venue for art and design.

Today, the F+F School of Art and Media Design is supported by a foundation co-founded by the City of Zurich. About 220 full-time students currently attend the school, which receives a subsidy from the city of Zurich. F+F is a member of the Swiss Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Apart from the 3-year diploma education in art studies, photography, graphic design and film studies, the F+F School offers a preliminary course in design (full-time or in tandem with work) and a vocational course in design. To complete the picture, there is a comprehensive program of advanced study courses. Art studies at F+F have the status of a nationally recognized degree in higher professional qualification (Art Diploma). 

The teaching team at F+F includes well-known Swiss and international personalities from the worlds of art, design, photography and film. One of the main traits of F+F is its close ties to the art and design scene. Workshops, presentations and lectures given by leading Swiss and international guest speakers make the F+F School a pivotal point of the young art and design scene and attract attention far beyond the confines of the school.

As an autonomous school, F+F advocates an open-minded approach to art and design and cultivates a spirit of partnership between faculty and students. Thanks to the small size of the school, students can be sure of receiving intensive and individual supervision.

The teaching language is German. A good proficiency in German is highly recommended.

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