sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

The Saari Residence

The Saari Residence is maintained by the Kone Foundation and hosts both artists and researchers. Artists of all artistic forms as well as researchers working under a Kone Foundation grant are eligible for residency. During the summer, the Manor is reserved for the use of artist groups. For more information, please see How to Apply.
The Saari Residence offers artists and researchers the opportunity for peace and tranquillity, and the possibility to focus on their creative work undisturbed. The Saari Residence’s historical surroundings and peaceful location near a nature reserve and bird wetlands help to fade away all distractions.
Artists and researchers also encounter each other at the Saari Residence. From September to April, eight artists and researchers of all different disciplines work at the residence for two-month periods at a time. Consequently, opportunities for interaction between these often very different residents abound as does the possibility for breaking the boundaries between their disciplines.
The Saari Well is also an opportunity for artists and researchers working at the residence to meet, share, and leave their mark on each other’s thoughts, work and the Saari Residence. For more information, please see Visit the Well.


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