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Kiki Kannibal

Kiki is a given name, surname or nickname; for example, in Spanish, Kiki, Kike (key-kay), or Kiko are forms of a nickname for Enrique (Henry), or Kika for the female Enriqueta (Henrietta). In Greek it is a shortening of Vasiliki (ki-key). Other spellings include Quiqui, Quique. In English, however, Kiki almost exclusively refers to a female.

Kiki may refer to:

Fictional charactersKirsten Cohen, a character nicknamed "Kiki" in The O.C. TV series

Kiki, the name of the main character in the Japanese animation Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki Strike, one of the main characters in the Kiki Strike book series by Kirsten Miller.

Kiki, Rolf Liechti's Griffon Bruxellois dog in the film Gosford Park

Kiki, the name of a minor character in Saint Seiya, a Japanese manga series

Kiki, the youngest of the Twin Stars, Sanrio characters

Kiki Flores, the name of a main character in The Puzzle Place, a TV series

Kiki, one of the four main characters of the Nickelodeon Network children's TV show The Fresh Beat Band.

Kiki, a cockatoo in The Adventure Series novels

Kiki, a ferret character in the Sluggy Freelance webcomic

Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa is the former mascot of Sentosa in Singapore.He makes his first animated debut in Magical Sentosa.

Kiki the frog in Hector's house - children's programme of 1960's

Kiki Harrison, the name of Julia Roberts character in America's Sweethearts movie.

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