quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Yoshi Sideoca

Para quem gosta de vídeos, contemporaneidade e viagens alucínogenas, o trabalho desse cara é uma boa, sem bad trips, sem contra indicação nem taja preta.

NOTE: This is one of the pieces from an ongoing psychedelic/ambient video project "Sibyl".

This project "Sibyl" was inspired in part by the spirit of 1970's progressive rock concept albums, ancient Greek mythology, and shamanic ritual. It will consist of several short videos. Each piece will be autonomous, albeit part of a greater whole. The final number of videos and the total length is still to be determined. Each video in the series will be released as it is completed.
All pieces will be directed and produced by Yoshi Sodeoka. Music will be composed in collaboration between Yoshi Sodeoka and Daron Murphy.


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